Dr. Cynthia Peacock from Baylor College of Medicine & Texas Children's Transition Medicine Clinic Houston, Texas

Dr. Peacock is an exemplary example of someone demonstrating genuine respect for individuals with developmental disabilities in meaningful and beneficial ways. Her work is impacting physicians and nurses as well as patients and caregivers. Brandon presented Dr. Peacock with an original work of art at an AWESOME reception with many of her coworkers in attendance. It was a lovely event and now there is another reminder in the world that none of us should have imposed limitations put on our potential. Brandon continues to share his love and his inspiration.



Open Door Preschool Austin, Texas

Open Door Preschool- M Station, Open Door Preschool-Central and Open Door Preschool-East in Austin Texas. The Open Door Preschool website eloquently states, "At Open Door, we believe that all children deserve a high quality education and a chance to succeed in their future academic and other pursuits. That’s why we have spent more than 40 years creating a culture-rich environment that includes children of varied races, nationalities, socio-economic groups and developmental abilities. The result is an inspiring blend of children learning to celebrate the uniqueness of one another. They leave our doors with unparalleled confidence and a lifelong understanding that every person is special."