Stevie Gene, Sergeant at Arms

Stevie has been duly elected as Sergeant at Arms of the Brandon Lack Studio organization. She holds well-founded credentials and long history of performance, which led directly to this order keeping position. Follows is the beginning back story: One day while I was visiting with a friend in my kitchen we heard 2-year old Stevie call from the hallway, Aunt Katherine! Aunt Katherine! Brandon is loitering in the hallway! She meant fluttering—a calming self-stimulation behavior of fluttering a soft white paper towel of which we discouraged daytime “public” use. As I remember, I couldn’t resist the temptation to holler back Move Along!, much to my friend’s puzzlement. From that time on Stevie was firmly established as the loitering police—a broad scope and vastly encompassing role. Anyone who knows Stevie, Brandon and/or Aunt Katherine should get at least mild amusement form this reminiscence. 

~Mum/Katherine/Aunt Katherine